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Put your data into action with our virtual assistant or business intelligence consulting

Meet Carl Virtual Assistants

We specialize in personalized virtual assistants to help you make sense of your data.

How does it work

We utilize your own data and combine it with other relevant data sources.

Data are contiuously processed through our Carl data and language model.

Our app generates personalized notifications to assist you at the right moment.

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We specialize in translating complex data into understandable actions. Whether through our concise reports or the virtual assistants, we help you focus on the essential data insights to achieve your business objectives.

Our Success Stories

Carl interactive data assistant app helped Czech economic journalists in E15 newspaper improve their performance by 41%. What did we do?

Shared instant actionable data tips to enhance recently published article readership.
Provided authors with a notification containing preliminary results and specific recommendations just one hour after publication.
Resulted in a 41% increase in quality reads and time spent on articles within one month.


journalists involved in the experiment


journalists in the exposed group

41 %

increase in readers’ time spent on articles